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I need Orphan Black back!

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I love the internet, but people tend to believe so much of what they read is true. If you even take a second and go to the Robert Brewer site, home to the person who put this distressful little graph out, he is now saying that he got the info from another source who doesn’t even support these conclusions, and therefore he recants it.

Now, I know a lot of folks don’t read (which is sad to me as a book lover),an I’d probably be depressed if a real study was done, but I’m not going to take every clever graph someone makes as fact.

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the essentials fa life in ny


My heart…I can’t take it….

OMG I want an Italian Ice so bad right now

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South Seas House by Jett Loe on Flickr.

Pass this house every day on my way to work. Love it. I remember when it was literally a dump, but after about a year or two of repairs it ended up like this.

Happy to finally read @brandycolbert and Natalie Baszile

Fortunate to have a beautiful day and gorgeous place to write…


Joshua Sanders

Cute, but not $200.00 cute

RIP Ann B. Davis

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Editing a project for a client is a lot easier than doing it for myself :)

It’s about to be almost 100 this whole week, I need this desperately.

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